In recent times, people are more interested in consuming natural food products. The main reason, health benefits. These food products are grown, produced, and processed as per the natural system without using synthetic fertilizers, chemical pesticides & preservatives. Medical reports have also confirmed the health benefits in the consumption of natural foods when compared to conventional products. It is not only in Tier-II cities, the fad has caught on, but also in metropolitan capital cities of Indian states such as Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bangalore. You will be surprised to know, that even in cities such as Bangalore, many are interested in buying nati eggs for daily consumption. Did you get surprised by reading the last sentence? Is it possible to get Nati eggs or farm fresh eggs in Bangalore? Yes! What is the reason, people are opting for free-range eggs in Bangalore (a cosmopolitan city) instead of the conventional or poultry brand?

The reasons are well-known. Nati eggs contain more proteins, vitamins, and essential minerals than the poultry-bred hens’ eggs. In this article, let us gain information on the top four reasons you should include free-range eggs in your daily cooking recipe.

A. Balanced Nutrition

The nutritional value of normal eggs is well-known in medical circles. However, free-range eggs are packed with more nutrition than their counterparts. As per a medical survey, one single free-range egg contains protein (6 grams), omega-3 fatty acids (70 milligrams), beta-carotene, lutein & zeaxanthin, Vitamin A, D & E along with choline. The mentioned substances are necessary for the overall functioning of the body. Doctors have confirmed consumption of a free-range egg every day may help reduce the risk of cancer-forming cells and improves brain health.

B. Vitamin D

It is estimated Vitamin D is found six times more in free-range eggs than in supermarket eggs. Vitamin D is a vital component that is needed by the human body to build strong bones. Inadequate amount of this component can cause osteoporosis.

C. Low Amount of Cholesterol

There are many having the belief, free-range eggs contain more cholesterol than conventional eggs. However, medical surveys convey a completely different story. A free-range egg contains only 277 mg of cholesterol whereas standard eggs contain 423 mg. If you have a problem with high blood pressure and obesity, then free-range eggs are the best choice.

D. Grading for Eggs

Eggs are usually divided into three types – Grade AA, Grade A as well as Grade B. The grade is usually done because of the differences in the exterior (shell appearance) and interior quality of eggs (weight). Usually, a dozen eggs are packed in a carton and sold.

How Do Free-Range Hens Produce Eggs with More Nutrition?
Free-range hens are provided many facilities such as –

Usually, free-range hens are raised in vast acres of farmland. They are not confined to cages nor cramped in small space areas. Farm range hens are left free to their own will. They can walk the entire farm, stretch the wings, go around in a group, bath in artificial water ponds, and even eat natural food such as earthworms and other insects. In short, they lead a pampered lifestyle when compared with poultry farm chickens. The main reason, they are so healthy and produce good nutrition eggs.


When you go to the grocery or provisional store to buy items for cooking purposes, there are many chances of having eggs on your to-be-purchased list. Let it be Nati eggs or farm eggs or farm-fresh eggs from today. There are also, a few complaints about free-range eggs. The first, is they are more expensive than the conventional type. However, the loyalists of natural food products are not complaining – the reason – excellent taste and more nutrition aspects. We at Natieggs, have the best hen-friendly-environment in our specially designed farms situated a few hundred kilometres from Bangalore. Do you want the best farm range eggs in Bangalore? Then, contact us by mail or phone to get the products delivered to your home.