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Free-range farming became popular because it practices humane treatment to animals. The hens get their natural habitat, roam freely,& search the field for favourite food such as bugs, insects and lay eggs in nesting areas. We, at NatiEggs want to popularize this specific concept of farm-fresh eggs in Bangalore.

Free Range Eggs

The eggs are produced under the best conditions due to the special attention that we take care of our free range hens.

Our Free Range egg is healthy

Happier the hen, the more healthy her egg is. We ensure special attention is given to every hen.

Quality of the egg

Our product contains more Vitamin-D and it is essential for preventing osteoporosis, and other chronic problems.

Rhode Island Red

This type originated from America and this breed of birds has brown, black feathers. These Island hens are one among the most preferred in the poultry industry because they lay a lot of eggs which are brown in colour and medium-sized. We expect the Rhode Island Red hens in our Bangalore free-range farm to lay 170 to 210 eggs a year.

Kalinga Brown

As the name suggests, Kalinga brown is an Indian breed. These hens can survive under any rural conditions. Their eggs are tinted-brown in colour. This breed also can produce 180 – 200 eggs. But, they have to be protected from rainfall or high temperature. Or else, the number of eggs, they lay, gets affected. So, our management takes care to keep the hens in safe environmental conditions on our free-range farm.


The Kadaknath or Kali Masi is an Indian breed known for egg and meat production. This hen is popular in Central India of Madhya Pradesh. The Kadaknath hen has unique characteristics – it is indigenous black in colour. Even the claws, beak and flesh of this hen are in the same colour. This breed can produce 170-200 eggs in a year. We are proud to announce that we have substantial number of Kali Masi free-range hens in our Bangalore farm.

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“My first experience with Nati Eggs was a very pleasant one, right from a user-friendly interface, prompt response and on-time delivery. I usually buy fresh, tasty and quality free-range eggs from Nati Eggs on every alternate day. ”
“I would like to recommend Nati Eggs to anyone who is looking to order eggs from home and look forward to shopping with them again. As their eggs are packed with freshness and hygenic.”

“I have visited their free-range farm which is located in the city outskirts. Their farm is clean and well maintained and the environment over there is really good. It is close to nature amidst lush greenery, plants and trees.”

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We at Nati Eggs welcome you to the world of free-range eggs in Bangalore. Our farm is located on the outskirts of this wonderful city. We focus on quality, human values and are interested in the health aspects of our loyal customers.

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