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Why does a Free-range egg from your farm cost more than the conventional eggs in the market?
Unlike the other poultry farm methods, these hens are kept in hygienic, natural conditions. So, the eggs are considered healthy and contain the best proteins/minerals/essential nutrients in the market. They are also different in colour, shape and weight. These are the reasons why we sell our free-range eggs in Bangalore at a high cost. Please do not forget the fact, there is a huge demand in the market for these eggs.
What do you feed to your free-range hens?
Hens in our farm feed on grains, fresh greens, herbs and other natural nutritional feeds. Our team members ensure to give a balanced healthy diet free from hormones/antibiotics to the flock. Also, the hens roam around and also consume food as per their natural instincts – bugs, earthworms and other insects of their choice. These foods help in increasing the immunity of the hens.
What is the main difference between Caged Hens and Free-range Hens?
Caged hens – a term related to the traditional poultry methods where a large number of birds are kept in a small cramped place. They are denied from roaming freely, and do not consume natural food. Usually, because of unfavourable conditions, these hens may lay eggs in less or more number. Also, their immunity levels may become low and they can easily get affected with diseases.

Free-range hens, on the other hand, have full freedom to roam freely during the morning. It may be, only in the night, they come to rest in the coops. Also, they rise and sleep as per the natural instincts. It is this variety, which produce the high-quality, healthy farm-fresh eggs in Bangalore and the world for human-made recipes. Is it a wonder, that we, at NatiEggs.com have the best free-range hen breeds in the globe on our large farm?

What are fertile eggs and infertile eggs?
If the hen mates with the rooster and lays an egg, then it is called the fertile type. In traditional poultry farms, the eggs produced may be infertile as the hens do not mate with the rooster. Let us take the example of a fertile egg. With time, the eggs can get hatched to chickens.
Why does egg yolk colour vary and does it affect the egg nutritional quality?
If the hens consume more carotenoids as part of their diet, then the yolk in the egg will assume the colour of yellow. Yet, the nutritional aspect does not differ and bears no significance to the yellow colour. A gold coloured yolk in eggs is a symbol of healthy hens in the free range farm.
Why do you take a delivery charge for delivering the free-range eggs?
Basically, we charge for the delivery only if the location is very far from our store. Here is good news for you! As our orders increase day by day we may reduce the delivery charges.

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