What is a free-range farm?

Free-range hens are grown in open farms and good housing conditions. They are basically a slower-growing breed, but have a long life span. Our hens live in the best environmental conditions such as fresh air and sunlight. We give them a plant-based feed every day which contains more than 75 percent of grains.

Free-range eggs

Nati eggs contain a wide range of nutrients such as protein and vitamins. Our eggs produced by the Free-range hens will be brown and tanned in colour. Since the hens are raised in a normal environment (without being caged) and given natural food, they are extremely safe for consumption.

More vitamin A and E

Vitamin A is important for eye health and lowers the risk of certain cancers. Vitamin E protects the cells from damage. These two vitamins can  protect your body against simple diseases.


Our eggs are a high-quality source of proteins. They also contain essential amino acids that help in building strong bones/muscles/cartilage and increasing the elasticity of skin.

Less saturated fat

Free Range Eggs contain a rich source of protein, good concentrations of calcium/copper and other nutrients.  The eggs are also free from trans-fats and saturated fat.

2 times more omega 3

Free-range eggs contain very less cholesterol than conventional eggs. The high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids help in reducing heart diseases.

We are truly Free Range

We allow our hens to move around freely at their own will. Yes, we offer the highest security in our farms. This helps their blood pressure levels to stay in check and they remain healthy throughout the year.

Our hens are kept in smaller flocks

Our workers keep the hens in small flocks. This is to ensure they do not feel cramped in cages. Another benefit is, the health of every hen is taken care of, with perfection.

No hormones or Antibiotics

All our Free-Range hens are given a diet without any Chemicals or Antibiotics. We are interested in following the Natural Path.

Nati Eggs – the original “free-range eggs”

Our free-range eggs in Bangalore are available in several quantities and different sizes, starting from 6 to 12 eggs in a carton box. We choose only the best quality eggs for your consumption. You can select the pack of eggs which meets your needs. We ensure that the boxes reach the outlets in a fresh and perfect condition. The farm eggs in Bangalore, you need for your daily use are collected every day, inspected, graded and packaged carefully before transporting to your local supermarkets.

Happy Customers & Buyers

“My first experience with Nati Eggs was a very pleasant one, right from a user-friendly interface, prompt response and on-time delivery. I usually buy fresh, tasty and quality free-range eggs from Nati Eggs on every alternate day. ”
“I would like to recommend Nati Eggs to anyone who is looking to order eggs from home and look forward to shopping with them again. As their eggs are packed with freshness and hygenic.”

“I have visited their free-range farm which is located in the city outskirts. Their farm is clean and well maintained and the environment over there is really good. It is close to nature amidst lush greenery, plants and trees.”

We built farms for our Free-Range hens to gift them the best lives

An amazing Farm location

Our farm region is situated in a large area that involves many acres. The entire settings are natural with clean water, trees and plants.

Large open Space

Our hens remain safe from the city’s polluted air, predators and other negative aspects. They have full security to roam around freely and can move within the coops, when tired.

Grasslands for foraging

Similar to the characteristics of free-range hens, our flock also bath in dust every day. They also eat their natural food such as insects and bugs. So, the hens remain in a very happy condition.

Get In Touch or Visit The Farm Anytime 

We at Nati Eggs welcome you to the world of free-range eggs. Here, we believe in quality, values, and the goodness of fresh eggs. The taste and tenderness of farm-fresh eggs are delivered directly from our high-quality farm.

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